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What is SharePoint

  SharePoint is a web communication, collaboration, and publishing platform provided by Microsoft. Microsoft describes SharePoint as capable of creating websites. You can use it as a safe place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Enterprise intranets are often built on SharePoint because of their flexibility and scalability. Although, in our opinions, this is not the best choice for it. SharePoint 101: Classic and Modern SharePoint SharePoint is a very mature platform. It has been actives in one form or anothers since 2001. Many versions of SharePoint have been released over time. The most important recent events: Modern SharePoint version. Modern SharePoint is a reworked version of classic SharePoint. It has a new look and a new development frame. This brings many improvements to the software. If you are considering SharePoint, you should distinguish bet
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How businesses have responded to the pandemic

The pandemic quickly pushed businesses to the brink of adapting to the crisis. In a recent survey we conducted, we asked people about their work situation before and after the pandemic, as well as what will happen in the future. OK. So it looks like the office orientation is behind us and the future of hybrid work is leading nowhere. 72% of people questioned want to share their time between their home and their office. What needs to be changes for this to work? Straight to the point ... HR managers will have to address specific employee needs that were once important but are now the number one priority and challenge for everyone. Otherwise, the hybrid job will crash and burn. It means creating a sense of belonging, culture, meaningful bonds and connection without the daily commute. Easier said than complete, but these are the main things that create levels of fatigue, anxiety, and disconnection, and everyone keeps complaining when not encountered. Do you see the pattern? Ever

1. Make It Modern: Intranets Best Practices in 2021

Our first tip is simple: make sure your intranets is up to date. Here are some details on the history of the intranet and how our understanding of them changed in 2021: The first intranets were nothing more than lists of links. A 1996 BusinessWeek article by Amy Cortese describes a corporate intranet consisting of "over two dozen corporate databases that employees can view by clicking on bright blue hyperlinks."  techwadia However, in today's world, intranets include more features such as document management and corporate newsletters. The most forward-thinking intranets are built with familiar social experiences to serve staff who are just getting younger; I like the ability to like, share and comment on content. Social media features, modern design and user-friendliness are essential features of any intranet today. The intranet should have a modern interface that resembles other technologies with which employees regularly interact. Common complaints about outdated

internal communication?

Internal communication is a process by which a company and its employees have specific channels and instructions that determine how they speak to each other. Unlike other types of collaboration, internal communication will only work if all participants are transparent, involved and active on the company's platforms. Whatever tools a business ultimately chooses for successful internal communication, it also needs a common understanding of how they are used and the goals the business is trying to achieve. In order to choose the right tools, you need to know the different types of internal communication. Types of internal communication 1. Organizational communication tools Your employees will perform better if they have a goal. Getting information and direction from company leaders can make a big difference in organizing your team, Gallup said. The only method to do this is to develop a top-down internal communication strategy so that your team regularly receives feedback

my castro | Communication performance.

Amy is a recognized NSA-certified communications technology expert, speaker, author and blogger. She holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in Communication Studies / Human Communication Theory. She is also a Certified Speaking Specialist, a designation from the National Speakers Association achieved by less than 1.5% of all identified speakers worldwide. 7 topics to avoid if you lack to avoid drama at this year's gala dinner I thought this year I would get a boost in blogging on the holiday theme so we could all be ready to find joy in a season that can be stressful at times. First of all, let's talk about a holiday like Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner! Family vacation gatherings should be a time to come together, enjoy great food and drink, and most importantly, celebrate the “cause of the season”. However, for many families, vacation reunions don't turn out to be the idyllic events they hope for because: To avoid family feuds this holiday season, here a

An Introduction to Sigfox Knowledge – Basics, Architecture and Security Features

  An Introduction to Sigfox Knowledge – Basics, Architecture and Security Features The race for wi-fi technology started lengthy returned in 1890’s whilst Marconi built the sector’s first radio station and delivered wi-fi telegraphy, which completely re-described the manner how people exchanged data again then. Today, we've got advanced with many new cellular technologies to transmit massive amount of statistics wirelessly to all of us dwelling at even the deepest corner of the Earth. But, these days it’s not simply human beings who've to speak amongst themselves. The machines and different electronic devices have additionally started to alternate facts among each other to establish a related network. These gadgets in most cases function on a battery from a far off place forcing it to talk for lengthy distance with minimum possible strength. This requirement has prompted the want for brand spanking new communique technologies like ZigBee, LoRa, Sigfox and many others. We have

Introduction to Sigfox Knowledge

  Introduction to Sigfox Knowledge The deployment of Sigfox covers a big geographical vicinity with minimal variety of base stations. The radio frequency variety (RF) is expected by the statistics fee meaning for every output, long variety is done with low facts rate. Implementation of long variety base stations allows implementation of a extensive variety Sigfox network at minimum costs. Sigfox’s lengthy range is likewise facilitated by the reality that the bottom stations have less sensitivity and the objects have low output power. In rural areas, a Sigfox network covers a mean variety of 30km – 50km because of minimal interference. However, on the town centres in which there is lots obstruction the Sigfox range reduces to 10km. Resilience interferences Sigfox utilizes 192KHz Ultra Band (UNB) integrated with the base station’s spatial range of +20 dB which facilitate its particular anti-jamming features. The Sigfox community makes use of Ultra Narrow Band to perform in Industri