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 Companies have several options after it comes to hiring IT maintenance: home maintenance, IT maintenance by the hour, hiring someone as an employee, or betting on a flat rate that includes a whole series of services. The general tendency tends to be to only go to computer services when there are serious problems; for example, when a virus has entered the company's computers, or when several computers do not work, or in cases where there is clearly a need to update the systems. Is hourly IT maintenance worth it? In all or many of these cases, those who opt for a contract for hours of computer maintenance, turn to self-employed professionals who perform these functions, so that companies do not have to pay the worker's Social Security, or maintain the costs of a computer of professionals or a Department of Informatics. The big problem with this is that in a few hours, at the most, the IT incidents that are damaging the company can be solved. But it can not be done: •Ch
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 If in your company, organization or institution you need to have computer rooms, one of the key elements is security. If computers are connected in a network, both through wireless waves and by wiring, it is possible that a virus could affect different computers and what seemed an isolated problem, could affect your entire computer room. What safety tips to keep in mind in computer rooms? Why is it important and essential that you provide proper computer maintenance ? The greatest danger of computer rooms In computer rooms, it is very common for there to be some other broken computer. And this can happen with some frequency. Whether we are talking about a cyber, a hotel computer room or an educational institution, the truth is that computer problems are common simply for several reasons. •Many and very different people go through these computers every day. •There is probably not the greatest control over what they can and cannot download. •Computers spend many hours a day


 New IT threats and challenges are constantly emerging that can end up affecting businesses. Computer security is not simply an option, or a trustworthy extra, but more and more an obligation of companies that really want to protect their data and that of their customers. If you want to know what are the main threats facing your business in terms of computer security, read  What threats to computer security will your company face in 2018 If you look at the latest news , threats to computer security increase as new technologies advance. Therefore, we are not surprised that in 2018 we are seeing computer security problems related to Bitcoin, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT). Perhaps as a small and medium-sized company you think that these things are too far for you. But the truth is that it is precisely the most vulnerable computer systems that cybercriminals use for their operations. Let's see for example some threats to computer security against whi


  What are the steps to take to design a website ? Is it an easy or difficult process to create a web page? One of the key points that we must take into account before creating a website is undoubtedly the procedure that we are going to follow. In this way, you can have the guarantee that you achieve your goal, you can save your budget and your website will meet quality criteria so that it can be truly useful. What phases does the design of a website have Many will tell you that creating a website is easy. Even today you can do it with some free platforms. The problem is that many times these websites have many limitations and they are practically not going to be of any use to you, or you are not going to get good results in terms of positioning, design and user experience. So that you are clear about the steps and phases of designing a website, we invite you to take these aspects into account. 1. Analysis The most important thing when designing a website is to clearly defi


 You may be wondering what an SSL security certificate is and if your website needs one. Having an SSL certificate has multiple advantages, so in this post we are going to show you what it consists of, how you can install it and some reasons why it is very convenient for the security of your website. What is a security certificate? The security certificate is a confidence measure that allows the protection of the confidentiality of the data that is transmitted through the network. In this way, the information is prevented from being exposed in public and can be used for cybercrime and fraudulent uses. A website that has security certificates can encrypt the data that is transferred between the client computer and the server computer. Is it important to have an SSL certificate? The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates helps protect data transmitted on that site. It serves to show the user that the information they enter, for example through a form, will be sent encrypted to

What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence changed into born at a assembly in Dartmouth, USA in the summer time of 1956, attended via what could grow to be the place's leading researchers. In guidance for the assembly, J. McCarthy, M. Minsky, N. Rochester and C.E. Shannon a proposal that introduces the term "synthetic intelligence" for the first time. It seems that this call become given at the request of J. McCarthy.  tc bolts   What led to the AI​​invading our lives Computer technology has come a long manner in view that its inception 70 years ago. According to Moore's Law, the computing electricity doubles each 18 months. It is envisioned that with continued application of Moore's Law by 2030, the processing electricity of the processor will healthy that of a human. At the equal time, the quantity of records currently saved digitally is massive. Search engines like Google store millions of copies of present net pages, and business e mail offerings acquire hundreds of thousand

Things you should do in your on-line safety

    Surfing the Internet is volatile although we don't reflect onconsideration on it anymore. You can limit these dangers the use of these 3 strategies with the intention to defend your privacy and the safety of your information and devices. If you are seeking out robust net protection (VPN, antivirus, and many others) then diverse web sites like e-logiciel.Com provide protection tools like the one underneath. Explanations:   Use a VPN Internet Security One of the most crucial skills any pc user need to have is the capacity to use a virtual personal community (VPN) to shield their privacy. A VPN is often a paid carrier that keeps your net browsing on public Wi-Fi hotspots safe and private. VPNs also can get rid of local restrictions on video and song streaming web sites and assist you keep away from authorities censorship restrictions, even though the latter is in particular difficult.   How does a VPN paintings? The exceptional way to think of a VPN is to have a at ease tunnel bet